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A Plea for Mercy in a Time of War: John Lyon Paul's Work in Progress    by Paul Sawyer

"...this sculpture reveals John Lyon Paul's gift for endowing abstract forms with metaphorical richness and uncanny affective power."

John Lyon Paul: The Visionary at Work  by Jonathan Goodman

         "Paul ... has made spirituality the unspoken center of his art."

Instrument of Peace: John Lyon Paul uses art to comfort those affected by violence  by Vanessa Schneider

         "The idea for the massive sculpture came to John Lyon Paul in a split second,"

John Lyon Paul's Studies on Mylar and Glass  by John Mendelsohn

         "His sculptures' qualities are complemented by those of his paintings: ... spiritual rigor and exuberant freedom..."

Laughter at the Heart of Being: the Art of John Lyon Paul    by Paul Sawyer

         "... his direction is inward -- a long-term fidelity to the truth of his work as he sees it ..."

Light Fantastic: Paintings on Mylar and Glass       by Robert Mahoney

         "Paul translates the benefits of meditation into ... color-drenched abstract paintings ..."

Abstraction & Glass: Local artist dazzles in new forms      by Arthur Whitman

         "... it is difficult to miss the sense of transcendent longing they represent."

Art From a Deep Place   by Glynis Hart

"Few artists have developed their gifts to such and extent that when you look at their work, what you see most clearly is yourself."

Spun from Light / Woven in Silence: paintings by John Lyon Paul   by D. Dominick Lombardi

"Paul approaches his art with the sense of both risk and reward ..."

Interview with John Lyon Paul    by Brad Conquer                   (YouTube, 32 minutes)

         Covers John's career, artistic concerns, and specific paintings in his "Studies on Mylar and Glass" series

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